ScottHi there, you found us! Im Scott and I would like to Welcome you to the newly expanded sM3e.com (now including Movie & Music News from some all new Guest Editors). You’ll be glad to know that things get exciting from here on in.

Running since 2003 sM3e.com has been rapidly expanding from a small hobby blog that provided local tech support to what is now a much larger offering of Tech Support, Tuition, Website Design and an all new Music, Movie and Tech Blog!.

I am incredibly excited and pleased to announce that we now have 3 x Guest Editors – each of specialist backgrounds – (we will happily consider taking on any new guest editors and if you are interested please contact us and we will see where you can fit in.) Things are gonna start getting a little more exciting round here!

Meet the sM3e.com Family


Melody Velazquez
our resident Tech News Editor



Tom Humby
our Movie Guru (aka the Bi Mon Sci Fi Don)



Lucas Eldridge
our Local Music Expert

Please feel free to comment on their posts, share them with your friends, start discussions and above all make them feel welcome!

With over 30,000 unique individual visitors to this site in the last 5 years we would like to say a huge thank-you to our fan-base. Please feel free to browse around the site and if you cannot find exactly what you are looking for and please do not hesitate to contact us.